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Products & Solutions

Multimicro Systems started out in 1984 with the objective of providing software that is easy to use, meets the needs of your business, provides the best value for your dollar, and is backed by superior support.
Initially, the focus of the system was addressed more towards meeting the fundamental needs of Representatives, but quickly grew into a complete and comprehensive agency management system consisting of over 40 programs that extend beyond the agency’s bread and butter functions of quotes, orders, and invoicing. 

Along the way, Electrical Distributors and Manufacturers began using the Quotation System.   With customers now across all verticals in the lighting industry, the benefits to all parties involved of being able to share electronic information have been magnified and, over time, has allowed Multimicro Systems to evolve into a provider of software tools for Representatives, Distributors, and Manufacturers.

Please check out the sections below to see how our system can meet your specific needs:

Manufacturers' Reps / Agents

The Sales Assistant Rep System can be your agency management solution for better customer service and improved sales growth.   The system flows the same way your business flows from spec sheets, projects, quotes, orders, and invoices.

Our approach is to design our system based on the needs and input of our customers.  Working directly with some of the top power users in the industry provides us the valuable input needed to deliver a product that best services all of our customer’s needs. 

This unique approach combined with our experience in the industry provides you with the specialized tools to allow you to better concentrate on improving margins instead of mundane and routine record keeping functions.

Cahill GO, our new mobile version, is the latest in our efforts to help you work better and more efficiently. You can find out more information about Cahill GO through the link below.

Sales Assistant Rep System/Agency Management
New Features and Benefits
Cahill GO link


​Most distributors achieve a realization rate of between 3 and 8 percent for turning quotes into orders.  This requires more jobs to be quoted in order to achieve your desired bottom line profitability.   

Sales Assistant quotations software not only increases the bandwidth of your quotations team and their subsequent ability to quote more jobs, but with improved management and control over the quote function, your efficiency in quoting, reporting, and follow-up should result in a higher realization rate as well.

Over 300 distributor installations currently utilize this popular lighting industry software with the added benefit of being able to share your bill of materials electronically with any of the Reps that currently use the Quotation System.

The Sales Assistant Distributor System is comprised of our Quotations System, Project Control, and the optional PDF/Spec Sheet System.   

Sales Assistant Distributor System
Enterprise Distributor Quotation System (EDQS)


As mentioned above, a number of Manufacturers utilize our Quotation System for handling their quotations.  The Manufacturers Quote System allows you to automate this important function in order to better respond to Reps in a timely manner, improve margins, and maintain a history of all quoting activity for follow-up, measurement, and reporting.

With so many sales agents also using our Representative system for quotes, orders, invoicing, and such, a tremendous opportunity exists for improved collaboration and the sharing/exchange of electronic information to improve the overall communication experience between the Rep and the Factory.
Manufacturers’ System


Developing software for over 33 years to address the needs of Manufacturers, Distributors, and Representatives in the lighting industry has put us in a unique position to understand the challenges faced from a number of different viewpoints. 

We are able to recognize opportunities for sharing of electronic information as well as for collaboration in general and have seen time and again the benefits that may be realized by following such an approach. 

Multimicro Systems has the experience and know-how to assist you in each of these areas.  Allow us to bring our knowledge and expertise to the table to bring about a more effective solution to meeting the needs of your business. 

Collaboration Assessment for MFG
Collaboration Assessment for REP
Consulting as a Service